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    Art Project,

    Original work handcrafted in Tel-Aviv

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    "The White City in Full Color"

    Prima Gallery

    Hayarkon St. 105 - Tel Aviv

    Open daily: 9am-10pm
    Current exhibition is on display until November 30, 2017
    Free entrance

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    Dress your wall with art

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    What, where and why?

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    TLVwood is a live art project fed by a continuous production, let's keep in touch!

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    We always strive for the best.

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    About the project

    The photographs were all shot in Tel Aviv between 2004 and today.

    The panels are beautiful pieces of woods taken from old furnitures. They were just sitting on the streets of Tel Aviv waiting for a new life.

    All the photographs are manually transferred and varnished for a smooth feeling and a neat finish.

    Both the random origin of the wood and the hand techniques used for the picture transfer make every item a unique piece of craft.

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    David Szerer

    Art director & photographer

    What lead David Szerer towards the Graphic Arts and visual communication was his studies in the institution of "Beaux-Arts" in Paris and his Bachelor. Of course, it goes without say, that he has a passion and a skill for Art that is undeniable. After not only working for 9 years as a Free-lance but also 6 years in the Food industry which also demands a lot of creativity and taste, David moved to Tel Aviv to work as an Art Director and photographer.

    TLVwood is a live project fed by a continuous production.


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    we are pleased to receive the Award of Excellence by the artistic committee of the Ministry of Absortion

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    Press room

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    TLV WOOD © 2016

    David Szerer - Original Work

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